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06 January 2015 @ 04:23 pm
December Word Count  
Quotas went right out the window during the kitten crisis, and that's okay. So this is here just for the record, and not for anything more than that.

Green Ring = 657
Haley mission story* = 700
Total new words in December = 1357

Queries sent: 2

Which is not bad at all for a week, which was about how much month there was before matters feline pushed everything else aside.

January's goal is to get back in the saddle again, which so far is coming along acceptably. I've written, not huge amounts, but several times. And I've sent out a story. Soft targets for the month are 5000 3000 words, and at least one query.

* Last worked on... a year and a half ago? Apparently.

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