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Liz A. Vogel
23 November 2017 @ 11:59 pm
I have just cleared out the entire collection of possible agent bookmarks I accumulated while I was hiatus-ing.


That includes sending out 4 queries today (go, me!) and crossing off something in the neighborhood of a dozen agents who weren't good matches for a variety of reasons. And I have done all this while still having a horrible cold, bad enough that I stayed home from the traditional family turkey-day get-together. So instead I had a nice turkey sandwich and spent the day querying. ;-)

I'm feeling a little cross-eyed and as overstuffed with data as I usually would be with food on this day, but also damned accomplished. This is not the last of my querying plans (there's still the AAR database to hit), but it's a landmark. If I can keep this going, I might just be able to wrap this up by the end of the year after all.

I would treat myself to something nice as a reward, but I'd have to be able to breathe to enjoy it.

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Liz A. Vogel
Astor "Washington DC" Crispy Milk Chocolate

The Washington Monument edition, apparently. ;-)

Where bought: Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

Aroma: Standard satisfying milk chocolate, on the sweet side.

Texture: Smooth, melts nicely, with good distribution of crispies.

Taste: Good. Sweet milk chocolate, nothing exotic but definitely the real thing. Properly crispy crispies. Just the ticket when one is hungry from a long morning of museum-ing and needs a quick energy infusion for the hike to the train station.

Overall: Hit the spot. Pricey for what it was because of where it was, but would buy again in similar circumstances.

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Liz A. Vogel
20 November 2017 @ 06:29 pm
Despite being a walking plague vector and permanently attached to a box of kleenex, I wrote 410 words today.

Go (cough, cough, blow) me!

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Liz A. Vogel
18 November 2017 @ 10:50 am
Today I have to waste an unknown (but probably large) portion of the day sitting by the phone waiting for the guy from the power company to call to tell me when he's going to come out to tell me which trees they're going to butcher. So I'm spending the morning querying.

(Do two wastes make a useful?)

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Liz A. Vogel
02 November 2017 @ 09:03 pm
So, I went to a presentation sponsored by a local writers group last night.

I am so very, very tired of coming away from writer events feeling like some bizarre alien species because I'm not a neurotic, insecure mess. I can't be the only writer on the planet who's not a wibbling ball of fear, my delicate pastel soul crushed by the merest thought of rejection, can I? Maybe the rest of 'em just don't come to writer events.

So yeah, I spent the evening increasingly aware that I was not among my tribe. Nice enough people, and the presentation was apparently useful to others, but I was clearly the anomalous data point. Which was particularly disheartening since my main reason for going was to meet other writers. I will probably go again next month, because it's free and fairly convenient. And I'm certainly not going to meet like-minded writers by staying home. But I may need to plan some sort of mood-lifting treat for myself afterward.

ETA: I should probably clarify that this presentation was based on the conviction that all things that could possibly hold a writer back are sourced in fear. FEAR! Which is doubtless true for some writers at some points, but is hardly a universal absolute. Unfortunately, the presenter's approach that this was the only-and-always cause of every difficulty didn't leave even a narrow little niche for me.

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Liz A. Vogel
01 November 2017 @ 01:06 pm
Falling From Ground = 3086
original short fiction = 1044

Total new words in October = 4130

Not bad, though not the 5000 I really should be hitting by now.

The short is mostly one new story, which is... not my usual sort of thing, though it may be the sort of thing that's usual with editors these days. We'll see.

Unfortunately, I wrote most of the story in one sitting, then ran aground for most of a week. When I had the urge and inspiration to finish it the next day, I didn't have time to sit down and do it (should have blown off the exercising and written), and when I had time, I no longer had the inspiration. So the last 20% or so got slogged, and it took me a week to do it, and I didn't do anything else in the meantime because my head was hung up on that story.

Which is a rambling way of saying that once again, my wordcounts for the part of the month when I was writing regularly were fine, and the shortfall for the month as a whole is entirely due to the part when I didn't write. Funny how that works.

(I had hoped to do a big push yesterday, and get if not to target at least closer, but I had to clear some disk space and instead ended up bogged down in organizational matters all afternoon. Which needed to be dealt with, but argh.)

Queries sent: 3

Again, productivity when I sat down and did it was great; there just wasn't enough sitting down and doing.

No stories submitted. I did look up the status of the one magazine that I still have something out at; they haven't updated their website or Twitter since May. One is not encouraged.

November's goals:

5000 words. There, I've said it.

Go through all the agents I still have bookmarked, and query or cross off. That'll just leave the AAR database left to do.

Sub at least the new story.

Ambitious? Perhaps. But taking it easy on myself has perhaps reached the limits of its usefulness; it's time to dig in and get some stuff done.

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Liz A. Vogel
22 October 2017 @ 11:50 am
I've been contemplating time management lately. Or rather, I've been thinking that I need to contemplate time management, but I don't have time to do it.

Finding time to write is always a challenge for writers. The only way I've ever found to get significant writing done is to make writing the top priority, and let everything else go. All right, except feeding the cats. But everything else. This works. It works really well, as far as the writing goes. Then one day you wake up and you can't get out of bed because of the mountain of laundry, and you're in serious danger of having to bulldoze the house due to all the minor repairs that have been left to turn into major problems, and everything around you is chaos sheathed in dust. And you have to start digging yourself out, and it takes far longer than just keeping up on it all would have in the first place.

So I've compromised by taking some days and declaring them Writing Days, where nothing else is allowed to claim priority. (Except, of course, the cats.) And other days are House Project Days, or Day Job days, or whatever. This works... less well, though it staggers along. I've never met a house project that didn't extend far beyond the time allotted. The nascent organization I've ended up in charge of doesn't demand much time, except when it suddenly does, and then it can eat days without even a burp. And so on. And suddenly it's been a week since I've had a Writing Day, and that's no way to get writing done.

And it's not just that. If I take a day for writing, is it for actual writing? Or is it for querying, or submitting short stories? The actual writing is inarguably vital to this whole being-a-writer thing. But querying's important too; it doesn't matter how finished the novel is if nobody ever sees it. The same goes for short stories. Researching markets is a huge time-sink, and researching agents can demolish hours in what feels like seconds; it's like web-surfing with justification to keep going.

So I've been trying to time-share days. I can only write for so long; when I've wrung the word-reservoir dry, I can work on that house project, or mow the lawn, or maybe even clean something. (Or maybe not.) But some house projects need an all-day commitment. Or I'll try to tuck the other thing in first, for the sense of accomplishment or to get it out of the way so it doesn't loom distractingly, and suddenly the day's gone and I haven't even turned on the laptop yet. The Day Job has its merits, but it's physically exhausting; not a lot's going to happen after I get home from work. (I try to squeeze exercising in before work, and it sort of works, but it's not the greatest combination with a demanding shift and I'm perpetually running late.) Querying and writing require very different mind-sets, and I find it extremely difficult to switch from one to the other in the same day. And splitting days up like that courts the constant feeling that whatever I'm doing, I should be doing something else.

And that's just the current load. There are things I'd really like to do, but the idea of taking on another obligation has about as much appeal as grabbing a hot stove element. I keep plotting ideas for starting a writers group. I'd really like to get back to regular martial arts training. But I Don't. Have. Time.

So I'm looking for time management suggestions, though I know going in that nothing's going to give me the ten days I week I feel like I need. And it's 2:30 in the morning as I type this, so I'm going to save it to post later and FFS get some sleep.

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Liz A. Vogel
18 October 2017 @ 10:11 pm
Similar to something I posted about previously, but it's a concept worth revisiting. Yeah, I don't get how writers could get their characters mixed up, either. I mean, I'm not likely to mistake Kerr Avon for Jack O'Neill, now am I? And I know a great deal more about my own characters.

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Liz A. Vogel
17 October 2017 @ 09:56 pm
I sent two queries today!

ETA: Make that three! Three queries!

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Liz A. Vogel
Endangered Species Dark Chocolate with Cinnamon, Cayenne & Cherries

Where bought: Foods For Living

Aroma: Ahhhhh.

Texture: Solid, chomps well.

Taste: Cayenne bites the tongue before anything else even registers. And keeps on biting. A little zing in chocolate can be fun, but this is napalm. It's overwhelming every other flavor -- I think the cherries are trying to fight through, but they're not making it -- and my mouth is still burning ten minutes later.

Overall: Actively unpleasant. Would *not* buy again, and may not finish bar.

ETA: I tried another piece a few days later, hoping the flavor balance would have improved with time; if anything, the cayenne's even worse. Tossing the remainder.

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